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"Work it, make it, do it, makes us:

harder, better, faster, stronger" 

Daft Punk

How we got here:

Every journey has its bumps and our journey started with a sick dog… 

Old friends, Theo and Adam, met in Theo’s kitchen to brainstorm a business idea while feeding his dog way too many biscuits. 


Having experienced traditional private equity and management roles, they saw an opportunity to help develop SMEs more effectively by bringing both investment and genuine hands-on management support.

Since then, Thwack Partners have had to deal with Brexit, a pandemic, and getting to grips with multiple new industries. We have bought four companies, had four children and gained quite a few grey hairs. 


What actually makes us different?

It is common place to say “we are different” but a few things really do set Thwack Partners apart, and give us and our companies an edge:


  • We are operators. We have been CEOs of companies. We put in place strong processes and deep-rooted cultures that drive outperformance. 

  • We are entrepreneurs. We have founded companies. We know how and when to be hands-on and when to leave our colleagues to get on with it.

  • We deliver. We do what we say and follow through, always.

       Straight talking and no bureaucracy. 

Our hands-on approach leads to extraordinary results. Over the last five years, our companies have achieved:




EBITDA growth year-on-year


National awards received


Revenue Growth year-on-year


Return on Capital Projects 

We are proud of our unique approach and the results it produces.

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