Dr Emad Abdulaziz El-Dukair


Dr Emad Abdulaziz El-Dukair is the founder and CEO of The Care Group, a leading player in the public-private integrated partnerships sector. He is a Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors of InterHealth Canada Ltd, as well as a member of the Advisory Board of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council. In 2008, InterHealth Canada Ltd won the Latin American Deal of the Year Award and was rated one of the top 100 PPP players in the world by KPMG. He is chairman of the Saudi-Canadian Business Council and the Co-Chair of the PPP committee of the Saudi-British Business Council.

Dr El-Dukair has helped design, build, and finance infrastructure projects in numerous countries around the world, from the Turks and Caicos to Poland.  

Dr El-Dukair has broad experience across a number of sectors with interests ranging from major education projects to sport and real estate.