Adam Karni-Cohen, Partner

Adam 2.jpg

Adam will be responsible for operational performance and wider strategy, with 12 years’ experience in large and small businesses

Most recently, founded Loppet Consulting to advise £20m-2bn turnover businesses in food retail, financial services, and technology, on operational and growth strategies.

Previously, founded Tradenet UK, a training business. Grew revenues to £1m in first year before exit.

Was COO at J Rothschild Services, working with a team of >50 across multiple organisations. Drove complex multi-national operational change processes. Former director of Olimpia Europe, $50m real estate company focused on Eastern European projects.

As a consultant with Bain & Company, advised some of the largest banks, food producers, mining companies, and private equity firms in the UK, Europe and South Africa.

Active investor in B2B and B2C technology businesses, e.g. Arachnys, PNM Soft, Dreame.

Holds a BA in history from the University of Cambridge.